Spring is coming. Wiarton Willie didn’t see his shadow. The Weather Network is hopeful. Sure, there may be some snow left on the ground and it’s not yet warm enough to shun the ski jacket – but it will be warm again!

This time of the year, especially in Southern Ontario, whole communities start to wake up from hibernation and revive. It’s like a renewal of the Canadian spirit! It’s also when Real Estate, right on cue, tends to start rolling again – often like a steam train! Inevitably, people start to plan looking for a new home and/or putting their own up for sale, because (a) we’re all AWAKE again! Our renewed energy pushes us to stop avoiding change and to make things happen!, and (b) we know everyone ELSE is awake now too, and likely starting to push to find a house before vacations & the kids go back to school and all the warmth and wonder of Spring and Summer are behind us! (Sigh.)

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Spring is where things heat up in Real Estate – and where it’s easy to make some mis-steps when you’re trying to do things just right to make your big move. And since we’re right on the cusp of it, what better time to go over the things NOT TO DO if you’re going to be selling or buying a home in this upcoming wonderful, whimsical, perfect, warm (I’m dreaming now…) Spring!

1. Wait.

Waiting until ideal weather conditions come along when people, in theory, are out and seeing/selling homes. We’re in Southern Ontario. Weather conditions are rarely ‘perfect’, or even close to what – or when – we expect them to be! It could be end of May by the time conditions are ideal. In the meantime, people are out and about anyways! Even right now! It’s especially those people – the somewhat-early birds – who are starting the search or list ahead of the surge that are going to find the gems and get ahead of the rest of them. And boy can things surge by the time May, sometimes even April, comes along!

2. Perfect, perfect, perfect!
(The verb.)

Working and sprucing and tweaking and changing and finishing every last little detail in your home to make sure it’s “ready” – or even waiting till you feel like you’re in the absolutely ideal financial situation to get started in searching for homes. The market may be ready before you are, and your financial situation may be better than you think! Set a timeline, and stick to it. Go to a Mortgage Advisor to get the full scope of where you’re at as a buyer. These things don’t cost you a dime and they’ll get you moving even if your own worries are secretly fighting against it!

3. Major Renovations without a Second Opinion.

Some renovations will give you more return on investment than others. Buyer values are most important when you’re looking at resale, and they can vary widely from what your own personal idea of value is to a particular addition. First step, talk to a Realtor®. Honestly. You may think we’re the LAST person to go to in the process, but when you bring us in before initiating the changes, we can tell you what buyer trends are out there in the current market (the white kitchen trend could be grey kitchens by now!). We hate to see people waste a ton of money on a renovation that’s only a blip on a buyer’s radar.

4. Start your Search with random Open Houses.

Decided you’re going to find a new home? Yes, Open Houses can be fun, and there’s the sometimes appealing factor that you can ‘anonymously’ walk through homes without a Realtor®. But the truth is, having a Realtor® first before you start looking means you CAN still do Open Houses, but you’ve got someone to show you homes OUTSIDE of Open House hours. Also, you’re more likely to have a battle plan going in should that house you love be coveted by lots of people, because talking to one of us first means planning out the process ahead of time. AND, if you have a home to sell as well – depending on the market, it may be a better idea to List your House before looking, or vice versa. Avoid missing out on a house you might love by doing things in the order of the market.

5. Expect Magic to Happen & Everything to go Exactly as Planned!

You’re listing your house and suddenly the market swings in your favour – you get a bidding war and SO much more than your expected return! This, after the market trends have dipped and homes have on average sat on the market for 60-90+ days. This is MAGIC. But don’t expect it to happen. Market trends and forecasts – and the research we put in as Realtors® – are the best gauge of what to expect and how to price and market your house in the market we are IN. Don’t expect the market to change just for you – instead, work with your Realtor® and within the market conditions to get the best case scenario you can. Buying or selling, things are not always predictable and can go sideways in interactions and transactions as much as we try to avoid it. Consult, discuss, listen and execute – then be patient. Trust the Process. If you’re working with a Realtor® like us, you can be sure we’re doing all the painful stuff so that you can focus on other things. Like puppies.

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