My List to Sell System

I have designed my “List to Sell” System to provide a consistent, powerful and proven method for maximizing exposure to Buyers and ultimately getting my Sellers the very best price. I’m known for my cutting edge marketing that gets through to Buyers, combined with up-to-the-moment accurate pricing and a strong negotiating background, leaving my Sellers happy with their results. Below I provide an overview of the steps for preparing a listing to sell. For all the details on how I go about ensuring these steps and more lead to a maximized home sale, contact me for a copy of my
Seller Listing Package.

The Price

Pricing accurately is key. I put in hours of work to research the market – going above and beyond the typical “3 closest comparables” package most Realtors offer – to ensure you can bank on your house being priced for the highest amount we can get. Overpricing can be a huge downfall, with viable Buyers being knocked out in your most powerful marketing period, but underpricing also leaves money on the table. We’ll make sure to price your home right with my eyes on the market right until Listing time.

The Presentation

You only get one chance to make a first impression. To get the absolute best value for your home, how you present it is more important than you may think. Buyers are used to homes looking like they’re straight out of HGTV, and their discerning eyes will see even small details like unfinished trim or outdated wall colours as detracted value. They start their search by looking at the photos of your home online, so you want to make sure that from initial photo to in-person viewing, they aren’t disappointed.

The Exposure

Getting your home out there not only to the most Buyers – but more importantly, to the most viable Buyers – takes some marketing savvy. While throwing your listing out there in a newspaper ad can assure it will be seen, it is difficult to track how widely and, it isn’t especially targeted to those Buyers who are actually looking for a home like yours. Digital advertising reaches thousands more eyes these days, and if you have the know-how, you can specifically target your audiences and areas. I bring to the table an understanding of marketing and I create carefully planned strategies curated to each of my listings. Incorporating professional photography, video, and tailored ads is the best way to pump up the value of your home and get Buyers in there who will want to put an offer on it.

The Sale

When the pricing, the presentation, and the right exposure come together, you will get a Buyer to put in an offer on your home. Here is where a Realtor’s background and abilities really come into play. Negotiating offers in real estate takes a lot more than knowing how to validate a home’s listing price, it takes tact, strategy, knowledge and skill with a whole range of people you’ll come into contact with in the process. With a background in linguistics, I bring in an awareness of negotiating tactics and skills that not everyone has at their disposal. Make sure your Realtor has a proven track record of successfully bringing Buyers and Sellers together on deals, and is someone you feel comfortable with speaking on your behalf.

The Long Game

When your offer is accepted and you get to a firm deal, it will be just a matter of time until you reach your Closing Day. Now is the time to get a real estate lawyer to process your paperwork, and book your movers. If you’re purchasing a home as well, you’ll want to speak with your Mortgage Advisor to ensure any steps you need to take to align your financing. (Contact me for a buyer’s guide to make sure you’ve got both plans lined up.)

Sometimes there can be delays on closing, which can result in you not getting your keys until later than hoped, or inevitably questions will arise – I am there, on call for you for anything you need. A good Realtor is there to help make your process go as smooth as possible, through to Closing Day and beyond.

I don’t stop at SOLD. Contact me for a copy of my Seller Listing Package for more details on what I offer and the ongoing work I do beyond your Closing Day – my clients never stop being my priority, and I love to show them my appreciation!