Quaint & Cultured with a Victorian Vibe

When I was younger, every time I visited friends in Grimsby I noticed the GREEN. Grimsby is very green, full of lush trees and bordered by the Escarpment with some pretty epic Autumn views. And over the past few years now, Grimsby has become a favourite for GTA commuters – located perfectly just away from the GTA congestion, with tree-lined streets and the slower moving vibe of Niagara. Grimsby was even named the second best community in Ontario in 2019 by Macleans magazine ( It’s also a favourite for me, and the place you’ll find me second-most often. Grimsby is, to me, the Niagara OG. It was way ahead with this small-town-big-city allure that Niagara seems to have taken on. Grimsby has this very cool, quaint, hyper-local downtown strip. It’s already fun to spend any afternoon visiting all the locally-run shops with their eclectic (and actual quality) offerings – but they also run annual summer evening markets outside all season, and ‘ladies nights’ of shopping through the year. And, they have one of Niagara’s first licensed cafes (Station 1 Coffeehouse) that features great musical acts in a cozy, intimate upstairs venue. This is not to mention the lakeside community being built up along the Lake Ontario shore, and the major coming of a new GO train station in Grimsby as part of the expansion into Niagara, making it all the more appealing to Torontonians looking to get away. Real estate-wise, it has this beautiful mix of very old, gorgeous maintained Victorian homes, and new, luxurious homes with views on both sides: Escarpment and lake. I sold an 1840 Georgian mansion on an acre on the Escarpment a couple of years ago, and driving down the hill to town was the epitome of why everyone wants to live here.

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