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Welland is a hidden gem of a town in Niagara. Down the 406 Highway, you pass the wide mouth of the Welland Canal to find a thriving city of conveniences, a College Town with a large student population, and the hub of Dragonboat Festivals and small-town vibes. The city runs along the Welland Recreational Canal, where rowers and dragon-boaters practice, music festivals have been held, and a “float fest” happens in the summers where you can actually float all day, lazy-river style, in the canal. It is a place where jobs are growing, and as an industrious town-that-could, it has been an attractive spot for commercial industrial property developments. It was chosen by GE in 2016 for their new “Brilliant Factory”, bringing digital technology & lean manufacturing together and into the region. There is also a unique culture with a youthful current around East Main Street. With places like Black Sheep Coffee Roasters serving coffee roasted locally with ethically-sourced beans and an owner who works to improve lives and livelihoods in the city, and Bridgewater Brewery serving great food and craft brews right next to it.

As a place to live, Welland is one of the most affordable areas with a wide array of housing. From old wartime homes in the south end to brand new condo and custom home developments in the north, it is also a quickly growing spot to lock down. As home to a large Niagara College campus, Welland also attracts many students but they are dispersed across the city so while investors would easily find renters, they aren’t causing mayhem for neighbours in one condensed local area. In fact, Niagara College itself fits nicely into the culture of hard-working, respectable residents who inhabit Welland. It’s a great place to call home, and just happens to be where I was born! As the locals like to say, “It’s all Welland Good!”

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